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Energy Audit Houston

Energy Audit Houston

High energy bills but inefficient heating or cooling is the problem faced by many of the residents of Houston. Do you want to find out the reasons for this? Are high energy bills giving sleepless nights? Then it is time to call us for an energy audit

What is an energy audit?

It is an assessment of how much energy your home consumes and an evaluation of ways to make your home energy efficient.

You may need an energy audit when you face the following problems:

  • High energy Bills.
  • Stuffy and uncomfortable rooms.
  • No fresh air circulation inside the room.
  • Indoor air quality is bad
  • Ineffective insulation.
  • Ineffective electrical appliances.
  • Improper and dirty ducts.

We offer the following energy audit services:

  • We do an Energy Smart Performance Inspection to check all the equipment.
  • We provide an energy rating inspection to check the energy efficiency of equipment.
  • We do a blow door test to check the leak of conditioned air.
  • We do a test of the ducts for air leak.
  • We do a thermo graphic inspection to find the areas that need additional insulation.
  • We provide valuable suggestions on how to upgrade the equipment to energy star rated ones.

We always work towards customer satisfaction. Call us for an affordable energy audit and save money. We help you with flawless services to increase the value of your home.


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